As the internet evolves, we are dedicated to ensuring your have the best available broadband.

It's all very well the big companies supplying 'fibre' broadband and advertising this as the latest and greatest thing... but non of them seem to clearly explain what it is and even if your computer is compatible with it.

We will talk you through your current set up and explain the different ways you can improve your connection. This doesn't necessarily mean changing supplier, but merely relocating your wireless 'box' or changing a simple setting can make all the difference.

The following services can make a big difference to your internet connection;


·  Replacing the BT Faceplate

·  Replacing extention wiring with CAT6 cable

·  Exchanging the service provider router with a powerful third party model

·  Installing wireless reapeaters where signal is weak

·  Upgrading laptop wireless network card

·  Changing service provider or package


Feel free to get in contact for any advice regarding your broadband connection.