Unfortunately, even the best made and looked after equipment fails. We understand that sometimes the cost of the repair can exceed the cost of your item, so we guarantee that you will never be over charged for parts or labour that you do not need to get things back as they were.

Common repairs are;

·  Laptop Screens - cracked, visible lines or missing pixels.

·  Hard Drives - computer slow to load, files unreadable, computer loud

·  Laptop Batteries - laptop turns off while unplugged or only lasts a few minutes

·  DVD Drives - not recognising CD's or DVD's

·  Keyboards - missing keys, keys sticking or input not displayed on screen

·  Memory - computer radomly crashing or freezing

·  Power Connector - laptop not charging

·  USB Connector - devices not recognised when plugged in

·  Windows Reinstallation - system files corrupted


Each repair is different due to the unique set up and specification.
Please contact us for a no obligation quote - ensure you give as much information as possible with regards to your issue and your particular model.